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What to expect

Explore what you can expect from Cornerstone Travel Group for your unique trip. Our job is to meet your needs and your expectations, all in consideration of your budget.

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Every great relationship begins with a conversation. And you need results, not just words. Our proof to deliver on what we promise is the fact we're still here. And we love what we do!

Cornerstone Travel Group continues to combine your needs with our vision and experience to motivate and reward your customers and team, while traveling the world and creating bonds. 

The Conversation


Proposals are more than words and photos on paper. They're a view into our vision for your customers and team.  They've worked hard for you and have earned their reward. We'll put together a comprehensive plan and show you what kind of an experience we can give to them for all their hard work. 


We have a network of relationships throughout the world to give you the best experience for your unique budget.

The Proposal

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The website allows you to customize your trip experience to create a buzz for your customers and team. It builds excitement and can be a great motivator for other people to try and earn their spot on the trip next year. 


With client access to signup, spreadsheet reconciliation and direct contact options, the website is a great tool for information, learning, communication, and prospectus. 

The Website

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Now it’s the time to get excited. Documents were sent out, emailer updates and reminders were sent, and we are ready to get your customers and team to their destination. 


We've got people watching around the clock to monitor flights, maintain contact with onsite staff, and work with local destination management companies to make sure your group gets to their destination.  We can't work miracles, but we're experienced to handle the challenges that travelers face; especially in today’s ever changing travel environment.

The Trip

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